The Settings dialog allows Lookup Assistant configuration.

  • Hotkey enables/disables/adjusts hotkey to provide the single click access with in any application;
  • Search Context Menu enables/disables the ability to display the where-to-lookup context menu. Keeping the hotkey pressed for more than 0.5 sec and releasing activates the menu;
  • Use Default Browser switches the lookup result location: the docked bar or a default browser;
  • Lookup Bar assigns keyboard key combination, The key combination activates Lookup Assistant Bar for typing a word-to-search manually;
  • Configure allows choosing the default lookup target, determines the lookup target used for simple (short) hotkey pressing and the Lookup Bar /LookUp button click;

Lookup List
Lookup List allows managing where-to-lookup (lookup sources) list shown in Context Menu.
The sites (online lookup sources) list can be added/deleted and re-arranged up and down to make the sites order in the Context Menu more useful. The options are available via the toolbar, the hotkeys or right clicking the list by mouse.
The lookup sources (sties) can be grouped to search multiple sources at once. New group can be created via the toolbar, hotkey or right clicking the list. Assigning a group name to 2+ lookup sources populates the group.
The site/group hotkey is set via editing lookup source (or group) item pressing a desired key combination to the Hotkey field of the Edit dialog. The hotkey can be available "in Lookup Bar" only or "in all the applications" at once at your option.