Custom Search
(Plus version only)
Lookup Assistant allows adding personal specific lookup locations. Some skills of Visual Basic or Java Script language programming are required. Custom.html file in the installation directory makes the sample/template.

When a word or a phrase is clicked and Custom/User Defined search is selected, Lookup Assistant creates an URL from the clicked word and navigates web browser (or the browser based docked bar) to the URL. The sample script in Custom.html shows how to extract the clicked word from the URL and create a specific online/database/local lookup with the word.

The script can detect (via regular expressions, for instance) what lookup source should be used for the lookup and perform lookup in the chosen source.

Lookup Assistant can be used as a single point access to various lookup sources for searching:
  • Contact information by Name;
  • Product information by Part Number;
  • Price information by Product Name;
  • Phone/Fax by company address and so on;
The lookup results should has to be inserted in the same Custom.html page to be shown with the default browser or the docked bar.
Contact us for the details.