Secure Pages
Hiding Pages
Mobile Web Server includes many predefined pages as samples; some of the pages are real and practical however. Mobile Web Server serves web requests of all the visitors. The site owners may want to hide some information from public availability. Deleting the related files from (under subfolder of) the server's root makes the information unavailable to web browsers. Pages shown once may be temporarily stored locally (cached) by web browsers however; the cache copy is temporary, but beyond the server responsibility.
Password protection (Plus version only)
Mobile Web Server offers password protection to provide selected information to trusted visitors only. A folder with all the containing files can be protected by set of passwords. Password aware visitors can access the folder (and the containing files) as the result only. The password protection is made by creating .pass file in a folder. If Mobile Web Server finds .pass file in a folder, the usermame/password pair will be asked from user before any the folder related request is served. The password file format is regular plain text file (non-Unicode); Username/Password comma separated pairs are to be placed on individual lines of the text.
For example, if .pass looks like
Users "John" with "Smith" as the password and user "Bill" with "the-friend" as the password will be allowed to access the folder only.
The Security folder of the initial "demo" site provides the sample.