Worldwide access to "behind firewall"
Standalone access module and access server-side components provide with the (meta) incoming access (tunnel) to any web server including ones installed behind a firewall, behind a non-uPnP compatible routing device, behind multiple NATs, behind devices with disabled/unavailable port forwarding, in corporate networks, in GPRS/CDMA/3G networks. HTTP protocol is supported at the moment only.
Embedded Web Server
Embedded Web Server is a small http server component to:
  • Embed into third party application;
  • Allow external access to application management via the Web;
  • Allow remote controlling of application via the Web;
Third Party Content Assistant
MobileWebServer saved to a removable media (USB flash, USB hard disk, CD/DVD-ROM) and distributed with the media is used to:
  • Allow content browsing with any regular web browser;
  • Increase usability/simplicity of promotional/demo materials usage;
  • Provide with simple navigation in the removable media content ;
  • Furnish the removable media content with dynamic/active content operations (search/active forms/etc);
Blog/Content Provider
MobileWebServer can be used as private/corporate/department/exhibition/hotel/etc Blog/Content Provider with:
  • Zero installation requirements;
  • Simple content management with single file copy operations;
  • Instant content availability in local/corporate network;
Mobile Web Server makes the underlying content available to connected wireless/wired network instantly and automatically.